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To create, maintain, continually improve upon and become the definitive source for news and information related to environmental technology to achieve maximized awesomeness on Earth peacefully, (which vision is defined at Pamalogy.com). To do so by aggregating and archiving content from other news sources, whether for-profit or not-for-profit, as well as syndicating and publishing original content through paid and unpaid pro bono journalism for the building of journalistic portfolios, for the benefit of investors, for the interest of careers, for the increase of invention and entrepreneurship, for the increase of interest in the for-profit and not-for-profit research and educational institutions involved in reporting and promotion and to always place truth above agendas by providing as many sides and perspectives to every story as practical and possible, making each side of every story easy to find, clearly distinguishing advertisement from news and archived content. This mission is for the benefit of for-profit and other not-for-profit news sources and other individuals and institutions seeking increased exposure and revenue. It shall benefit other sources on any media according to Creative Commons licensing and syndication as restricted and modified on a news item or article basis in conjunction with contributor preferences as determined by the GreenTechNews.org Board of Directors. Specifically, it is our mission that with the assistance of the GreenTechNews.org platform and reach, such third party news sources, including individual bloggers and independent journalists and journalistic organizations shall more easily increase the reach of their articles since GreenTechNews.org shall be the definitive source for news and information relating to environmental technology, present, past and future, as the primary brand for this category of news and search related to environmental technology.  In addition to the means already stated, it is our mission to accomplish this through the GreenTechNews.org publication and search engine, by aggregation, and through search spider friendly back-links. Our secondary purpose is to benefit third party news and information sources that are related to the environment, technology and a healthy future for mankind and such journalists and bloggers seeking exposure and revenues to begin or improve their careers through the sharing of articles and the sharing of advertising revenues and royalties, as well. This mission is also fulfilled by sharing advertising and royalty revenues to pay administrative and operational salaries, to pay journalists and to share revenue with contributing partners whose content is shared on the Green Tech News website, broadcasts or app through an array of contractual agreements to be proposed and changed from time to time according to market demands as determined by the GreenTechNews.org Board of Directors. Finally, the scope of this mission begins in the United States but it is ultimately international and it is not close ended. Such tandem agreements and mutual benefits are also to foster the sharing with third parties of other communications apparati in any nation where it is legal, not to exclude television, live streaming, radio, podcasts, papers, attachments, search result summaries, charts, data-bases, plug-ins, memes, webinars, email news and summaries for subscribers who opt in; and our mission is not limited to the media listed above. Namely, GreenTechNews.org shall exploit and offer similar relationships using other present or future media as the board of directors deems it achievable and useful to these stated ends.